Hi Shelley 

In you come

Foamy big night 

Quietly reminding me i have shoes 

Soo beautiful 

Its time i just wished 

But you  know im a bantam

I never fucken squawk 

Peep your brains out 

Invent the dirt on my shoes

Never asked me to be yours 

Your one and only 

Your call

So ill do whatever the fuck i want



Are you going to be restored?

Back to your lies 

And you know what

I fucken like maroon 5 maps

Cos so should you lyrically 

But what would you know 

Its only a map


Thanks for the lovely thought

Or thoughts 

You know im selfish enough yo murder anything useful when I fell sorry for myself 

Peel off the rust and kind of lie in it for a 

(Sorry i have to restart go flex. Its on repeat).

Lie in it for a bit

Or lie to it

(Smoking up my check)

Ive seen soo many

You know pieces

Yeah ive seen soo many pieces of you 



Upside with downsides 

Tea cups hidden on my back yard 

Almost tweed those cups

Yeah not gonna make jokes now

I dead eyed set fucken see you 

Ya cheeky genuine bugger

Lets not stray