Or hate

How hard man how hard is it

To say enough is enough

Wtf is wrong with you

You want a seat this table

Well I’m not free

You grow the fuck up

And maybe we will talk

Cos I’ve seen your laundry

And believe me

It’s all dirty


Going Away Quietly

Yeah man I know turn

I know wallet stretch 

I know it all

You know what you don’t know

Yeah what you didn’t notice 

My mum died and you stoppped asking how I was going

Cos you know you then 

And you know now

Tired as it is 

Fuck You are selfish and materialistic. 

Fuck you

Local Pride You 


Lie fuck 

Fly luck

It’s all a joke 

If I’m on time you know I give a shit your alive

If I’m not you’ve definitely done something wrong

And like it all

I ain’t saying

Cos you proud as dick or duck or ducks or just fucken trapped in time 

You know what tho

While Idaho and Idaho 

Yeah lie the truth you joke

Off yuh gew 

Wow look at me

I was going to speak particularly about Iago and his sword. Like you even noticed. 

Here’s gut feeling.