The Cleanest


You’re amazing

All that make up

Making up?

Fuck no

You running 

Saturday pub

Or wherever you go

Still 4/4 and triplets here

I dont know what i did

I dont hate the world for hating


Drowning in honey 

Cos honey 

You’re just sugar

And you can down this 

The long and the Short of IT

Need to chill

You’re used 

Yeah used

Breaks my heart but is this really 

Like what you want?

You want me to cry you to sleep every night ?

Fuck that

Have a heart 

Let’s be something 

Instead if you ruining shit cos youre fucked off

Puff up your chest as you do

Kisses ? Remember kisses ?

Yet harder to remember?


Grape JuiceĀ 

Looses it smile she’d say

Yeah it fucked lost its smile she said

She  looked at me and said 

I’ve lost my smile 

Which is an outrageous lie

Because the last this time happened 

It was all smoke and mirrors 

And that’s Okay


But I kinda just wonder that 

 Wandering off is a legit excuse

Stone cold dead vacant hallways 


Remind me again

Cos you went on holiday

And the other you left tea cups on my yard 

You selfish fuckers 

At least say im.a.toy

Ps fuck reddit

Fuck where you buy your shoes 

Or your boyfriend doesnt know you whack off

Or I fucked all the friends i had



….am not like that 

No one reads this shit and I just broke 

Yeah I fucken broke 

My own heart

Pea Ess 

We shouldn’t be together too

Skin on skin 

Nah Eminem joke 

How’s your time?

46 & 2

I’ve stopped giving a shit i was raped as a child ive stopped giving a shit im never gonna be in a good band ive stopped giving a shit i piss people off whom I have no reserve towards ive stopped giving a shit i have no crowning female figure (mum) in my life any more ive stopped giving a shit wether my software is good enough any more ive stopped giving a shit if I’m good enough for anyone else I’ve stopped giving a shit about my shadow.

You Found The World So Memorised

And so much talk facts of things long dead i had to memorise

This even aint about youre fears when youre gone

Youd say the most wow i had to memorize 

“Not one day” she said “till youre scraping the acronym hyms”

And one daunted




“Either youre out or your in”