Convenience Affecting the Natural Order of Things.


Gerberas and Dreams

Aint no pony luck

When you beggin the dead 

Shit out of luck.

There’s time.

Yeah time For Change

Lets stop being far away

You hidden in paint

And me in music 

No more flying saucers

And smashing dishes 

Just huggs and 

Shit, all this silly just gone.

Could have been more poetic but

Why does it need to be

We impressed each other years ago

Happy anniversary 


Dear Me

Shit man that sucks


Of course thank you 

Oh wait its watered down shit cos you only good when im good

Well can you be a bit more polite

No A13 i can’t cos not everyone was born with a silver spoon in their mouth

Nah i feel it


I feel 


Crawl away