Just the Beach

Let’s stop this

Man it is just too loud

Lets me and you just think

Yeah think.

Its complicated

More bearing down

Or bearing your kitchen door into a different menu

Just whisper


Man like a man as nothing


Dont mean em

Never did


Dont believe in them







Softly, softly.

It’s okay just breathe.

And relax.

Gravity is feeling more and more weightless.

Like feathers drifting down to land quietly beside you.

Barely making a sound.

Slow it all down.

It’s quiet now, all the angles are becoming quiet fading shadows.

There’s a faint melody but it’s not important.

The gentle breeze is drifting it all away.

The air is still now.

Your quiet breath.

Your gently beating heart.

Is all you need to feel.




Here we go

Shut up you

Shut up

Eat me raw but stfu

(Butterfly interlude)

I love you i love you

Oh dont mind that its just a bj

Devil inside etc

Brain a week and im fukkin bored

Oh but not with you though

No there’s a bigger gang of thieves than what you consider life.

Its called subtlety.

Unike your old angry dumb old made new fukkin hydrolic crane face old new

Ps Marshall Mathers LP

Ditch wet

Cos u have

Yeah you have

About as much soft spoken word

As a fukken STD

Fight corny fight


Cyclic Week

Black eyes worn blue

Kissed once in a moon

Whispering smoke yelling out the window

Bottle caps long rusted lying in weight

Dust from today

Dust from yesterday

Charlie thinks I’m mad

Well Charlie im not mad any more

Lets go.

Toby too.